A Tale of Two Sisters

Once Upon a time there were two sisters, one of fair haired and one dark, both with strong senses of style and love of beautiful home décor. After many successful professional adventures far and wide in the world, they decided to combine their talents to help solve a problem they had observed.  Everywhere each had traveled in life they had considered it important to furnish their homes with lovely things and loving care, the way their mother had taught them, no matter how long their stay in a city might be. But what should one do with furniture and home décor items when moves or other life concerns make it necessary to let them go?  Donation is a wonderful thing, but not all of us can afford to simply write off the substantial amount of money that we put into the furnishings of our homes.
At the time when the sisters looked out upon the land antique stores and auction houses were the only places to sell, but they didn’t seem the right options for newer gently used furniture, and décor items or exceptionally lovely or high end estate pieces. Wouldn’t nice furniture and pretty home decorating items sell better and be more fun to shop for in a store where each piece could shine in an elegantly staged showroom that was bright and clean and in which shoppers could be attended to by a friendly and knowable staff? That is how new furniture is presented so why not the pieces that, while no longer new, still have value, beauty and style to grace another home with?
And so the sisters both returned home to the north side of Indianapolis and with gentle care, serious research, and lots of style they created Consigning Women Fine Furnishings. Ten years later that original store continues to thrive at 4705 East 96 Street in Indianapolis Indiana. The store has expanded in size and grown further to include a fabulous second location at 7216 N. Keystone Avenue.  And though one of the original sisters has withdrawn to the greater leisure of a supporting role the remaining sister’s son has stepped in, keeping us a family business with all the love filled distinctive hominess that creates. Consigning Women has been much imitated but never duplicated and even after many years and much growth we remain the best in the business at helping gently loved used furniture, especially from the last ten years, like sofas, sectional sofas, recliners, side chairs, chaise lounges, dining tables and chairs, china cabinets, hutches, beds, headboards, dressers, as well as mid-century modern and shabby-chic vintage pieces and a large assortment of home décor items like lamps, prints, wall art, decorative pillows, rugs, room dividers, dishes, dinning sets, crystal, sculptures, kitchen items, jewelry, and purses all find new homes.

We are an ideal option for people who are moving downsizing, redecorating, have acquired estate items they need to sell and we strive to make to process of selling items easy and profitable for our consigners. We also truely love providing an excellent experience for shoppers looking to warm their heartland homes with fine and stylish items at a half or a third of retail prices.

Come be a part of the happy story that is still unfolding every day at Consigning Women.

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